Do you specialize in certain types of construction or remodeling?
We hold a General Contractors license in the State of Florida, working on new construction and renovation projects, both in residential and commercial markets. Our extensive list of projects have included new homes, historic renovations, kitchen remodels, bath remodels, medical offices, retail space, universal design projects, and administrative buildings. We specialize in the Design-Build approach.
What does Design-Build mean?
The design phase starts with a conversation across the table to listen to your ideas and dreams. We discuss how to best develop the use of space and consider governing regulations. Once a Design Agreement is signed, we present a Design Concept to you along with a Concept Budget. We encourage you to participate in the design development and construction document process, thus helping guarantee a successful outcome in the construction phase. Design-Build is a seamless process of design and construction from conception to finish.
Can we work together if we already have an architect or plan?
We are happy to work with your plans and/or your architect. We would start with a Consultation Agreement. In the capacity of a Consultant, we are available to help with discovery and due diligence on site, review plans for accuracy, establish budgets, project time lines, and create the scope of the work.
I am ready to move to the next step. Can you give me an estimate?
The next step is to meet with Mark DeJong, company president, who will discuss with you the scope of your project and set up a complimentary meeting at the site of your project or at our office. Typically, a rough "ballpark" budget can be determined at that time. If we mutually decide the Design-Build process is a good fit for your project, we will set up a meeting with the appropriate design team.
Our house needs repairs, renovations and an addition. Do we have to wait and do it all at once?
We can help you determine your priorities and tackle your project in phases. We can take care of the repairs early on depending on the need for permits, since there may not be a need for design services. The more design-intense renovations and additions can be done in a second phase as a Design-Build project.
What if I can't decide if I should remodel or build a new home?
For substantial renovation projects and projects affected by FEMA, this is a fundamental question. The cost of complex renovations and /or governmental restrictions can make a project non-viable. This is where Mark DeJong Builders Inc. as a design build firm can help with preliminary budgets and design guidance.
How long will it take to complete my project?
Every project varies depending on the scope of work. Minor repairs can usually be done quickly. Most projects in our area require extensive planning and engineering in order to obtain the necessary permits. This enables you to secure proper documentation in order to insure and protect the value of your project for future resale, mortgage inspections and appraisals. Once the scope of work is determined, a time line (schedule) can be made for construction. Typically, small projects will take 2-3 months, medium-size projects take 4-6 months, and large renovations/additions usually take 6-12 months. New homes are often in the range of 6-12 months. Sometimes, large projects can be fast tracked if there is a special need. However, it is best to allow several months for the design phase prior to construction.
What kind of contracts will I be asked to commit to?
For Design-Build projects, we start with a Design Agreement, which covers design services only: architectural fees, engineering fees, etc. If you have your own plans or design team, we will have you sign a Consultation Agreement. Before construction starts, we will prepare either a stipulated sum contract or a cost-plus contract. Both of these contracts will be determined by estimating the hard costs of labor and materials and adding our markup necessary for our overhead and profit. A stipulated sum contract has a fixed dollar amount in which the scope of work and costs are predetermined. A cost-plus contract is open ended with no final dollar amount predetermined, either because the project is fast-tracked, or the scope of work has not been determined.
There are so many decisions to make regarding design and material selections. How do I narrow down my choices to fit my budget?
Our estimators and professional staff will assist and guide you through product selection, showing you samples, referring you to appropriate suppliers, and listening to your budget and style needs. If needed, we can recommend the use of an Interior Designer for professional assistance in making color and finish selections.
Do you use your own crews on projects or do you use subcontractors?
We have several subcontractor crews who typically perform framing, site demolition, repairs, trim finish carpentry, and cleanup. Electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating work are always subcontracted. We have developed strong relationships with specialized trade contractors such as painters, cabinetmakers, concrete and drywall contractors, granite and marble installers, faux painters, ornamental ironworkers, and others. We match the appropriate specialist to your project.
Do you have contacts with people who assist in financing?
We have sound relationships with area lenders who we can put you into contact with. If you already have a lender, we can work with them, to determine a payment schedule. We can also work with you if you are financing the project yourself to determine a payment schedule.
What area of town do you work in?
The majority of our projects are in Manatee and Sarasota County.
Why should I hire Mark De Jong Builders Inc. when I can get what appears to be "the same thing" for less money elsewhere?
Price should not be the only factor in choosing a contractor. Often, a low price is a red flag and could be a cause for concern. People often say our projects have a signature, and we believe this starts with your ideas, developed into good design, and team participation, allowing us to create on your behalf. Mark DeJong Builders Inc. has over 40 years of new construction and remodeling experience, organizing a top-notch team of people who care, some of whom have been with us many years. The opportunity to explore creative design in your home with a design team is an added bonus. We choose our subcontractors carefully, ensuring they share our vision for quality work and craftsmanship. Ask to see our portfolio or visit some of our recent projects. Call our references and ask questions. We believe quality design and construction are essential when it comes to improving your home. Please contact us via email, phone, fax or regular mail with any other questions.

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